“Carolin-Marie is both a wonderful friend and Yoga teacher. She is inspirational, indeed, because of her, I decided to go to India to further my practice, and it was fabulous to be with her, practicing Yoga with an Indian Swami next to the Ganges in the foothills of the Himalayas. And her classes on a wet rainy evening in London are just as uplifting and stimulating; she combines a caring, nurturing approach with the necessary discipline to ensure all of her students benefit from her teaching.”

Nicola Hill - Media Coach


“Yoga...Carolin-Marie... not as easy as I thought it would be. Carolin's cool though!”

Jack, 19 years old

“Members like the passion and enthusiasm she brings to each class and come out of classes feeling relaxed but worked hard. In addition to the adult classes, Carolin started a Teenage Yoga class and quickly built up a following of dedicated teenagers. She is entirely professional in her approach to her work, and so dedicated! It is a pleasure to have Carolin as a teacher at the Club.”

Annabel Graham - Club Manager


“Although I have always enjoyed Yoga, there were times when I became bored with the repetitive nature of some lessons. That all changed several years ago when I discovered and started lessons with Carolin. Every lesson is different, both mentally and physically stimulating but still with time for relaxation. For me she is the best natural teacher of Yoga I have met and I look forward to many more years of tuition! “

Love Margaret

“Carolin-Marie's empathy and versatility make her an inspirational teacher; her teaching comes from her own deeply held beliefs and personal yogic experience. Yoga sessions with Carolin-Marie have you tied up in knots, sweating buckets at one moment and in the next laughing heartily along with her infectious giggle. She is a kind, gentle and generous teacher. She can help you discover a posture completely, her careful explanations gradually helping you to understand your body's true capabilities. I feel emptiness when I am unable to attend her classes.”

Sarah Gurdon (Artist)

“Carolin is coaxing you gently into trying even the most advanced postures with great effect. Her calm conviction and infectious enthusiasm for her subject win even the most reluctant practitioner over as attested by her oversubscribed classes.”

Anne Burchett. Wine consultant

“Carolin-Marie has brought me back to Yoga through disciplined, patient, and methodical teaching. I can now do the headstand which I could not even contemplate doing in the past. The fact that she is able to demonstrate advanced postures inspires confidence in her teaching.”