Carolin-Marie has practised Yoga for 35 years.

“I came a long way and it is a pleasure and a privilege to share my experiences with my students.”


An American Yoga programme, presented by Lilias M. Folan, encouraged the young Carolin-Marie, then living in the States, to start practising Yoga. When she returned to Europe to study American and German Literature, Carolin-Marie kept up her Yoga practice and roped in other students.


Carolin spent the first fifteen years of her professional life as a Radio and TV-Presenter in Luxemburg and Germany. Despite an otherwise unhealthy lifestyle, involving too much work, smoking and drinking, she kept on practicing different styles of Yoga.


In 2000, she moved to London with her partner and their three daughters to set up their own TV-Production company, which they sold in 2008. Carolin-Marie eventually decided to leave the world of Television behind and concentrate on Yoga. She took a Teacher Training Course with the British Wheel of Yoga and graduated in 2007. She travelled to India, to Rishikesh, to study with Swami Umesh.


Having studied with so many Yoga teachers, Carolin uses a combination of all different styles in her own classes.

“I teach what I experience! My style is a precise Yoga Flow with safety awareness, which aims to build up strength and stability. I want my students to enjoy Yoga, to become aware of body, breath, and mind. And it’s not about me – it is all about my students.”


Carolin-Marie offers Yoga classes and workshops in Health and Fitness clubs, Schools, and Companies. She also gives Private Lessons at her studio in Teddington or at her students’ home.


Carolin-Marie’s dream of offering Yoga workshops abroad will soon become reality when she and her husband finish building their beautiful home and Yoga retreat in Mallorca. Watch this space for more information!


“Yoga is the best thing that ever happened to me.

It keeps me strong, healthy, and happy!”